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We heard them laughing before they attacked. We thought we could handle them, but we miscalculated and wound up in this situation. Athena being dragged away, as men took hold of her, and Rah'la going with them, knocked dazed by a man's sword hilt. They laughed at me, a high elf, standing ready. I dared them. My eyes gave off a warning, return my family or die. But they did not comply, Athena's fur was much to beautiful, and Rah'la was pretty enough prize. Or so I heard them talking about it earlier. It was down to me, and the rest of them. Six of them to be precise. "If you can beat us elf, then we'll give your friends back, if not, then well, you die" He smiled at this, as if they had a chance at winning. I heard Athena struggle in her restraints behind me, I knew she was worried, so I turned and gave her a quick smile before dashing forward and clashing with the leader. Our swords collided hard, the sound of metal tearing against metal made my bones ache with excitement. I was ready for this. Pulling one hand off my sword, I grabbed my dagger quickly and stabbed the man in the throat. He cried out but not for long as blood gurgled in his throat and out his mouth. "Bitch!" one yells as he comes after me. I only smirk, and dodge his slash effectively, giving him a good kick in the butt, I run at another. With all the adrenaline, I barely feel the arrow hit my shoulder. I continue fighting, slashing at one man swiftly removing his head. As the blood spurts out, I begin to truly enjoy myself. Laughing I turn to the others. This is what I was made for! The call of battle! The smell of blood entices me as I run at my next victim, he screams in either rage or fear, maybe both as he charges me. I slide under him quickly and slash his ankles with my dagger and sword, he cries in pain as he drops to his knees. "Die." I give a harsh look as I shove my dagger into his shoulder, and my sword into his chest. The other men begin to back off, just as another arrow pierces my leg. I look down at it, almost confused, Where's the pain? I shrug it off, as I move once again. Quickly and effectively I turn towards the one I kicked, he's regained his balance and he charges me, rather stupid of him, as he trips over a former comrade and falls head first. I almost laugh at how comical it all was, but refrain from doing so, and instead shove my dagger into his skull. As a third arrow pierces my side, I flinch in pain. I only take second before turning towards the bowman. His face pales as notice him move quickly to reload another arrow. I hear someone scream my name, but the adrenaline is too far into my system, I barely register the call before a sword shoves itself through my chest. I cough pure blood, but scream in pure rage as spin best I can bashing the man behind me with my shield, and shoving my own sword into his chest. This must've scared the bowman, as I hear him drop his bow and run. Finally, I've won. I begin slowly walking towards Athena, and Rah'la. Just as I reach them I can finally see the tears in my sister's eyes, Why is she crying? But as I cut the bindings on her wrists do I finally feel my injuries. The adrenaline has been replaced with agonizing pain, and fall forward into her soft arms. As my blood drains out around me, I can feel my body becoming weaker. I can see Athena yelling, saying something but all I can hear is my own heart slowly fading. She pulls the blade from my chest quickly, my numbed body arches in pain, and I can see her tears fall harder. I cough up more blood, as she lays me on my back. We both know I won't make it. Still I reach my hand up to her cheek, and wipe a tear away. Trying to speak it only comes out as gurgle of blood. I want to say so much, I need to say something. But all I can manage is "Good..bye...sister..."
Just a short Skyrim story based off my character! Enjoy and please review!
I don't think I could ever put into words my loneliness,
My ever growing sorrow is much to corporeal
My heart is more of a stone burdening my chest
I won't try to spell it out
Cause who would understand?
All sorrows, and pain are different,
Experienced by that one person alone.
So who am I to say mine is more painful then yours?
You won't see my tears,
You will never see my aching heart
And no one can ever understand my loneliness.
Cause really?
I will not be able to understand yours.
She spoke with such simplicity and yet her mind thought so deeply.
Take me back to when war was simple,
Sword and Bow were at the height of weapons,
When armies fought for a reason,
Not just for their government.
Take me back when Men would fight for what they believed in,
And women would stand at their side.
Tell me the tales of those brave warriors,
Who asked for nothing but your safety in return.
Just take me back to where my soul longs to be,
So that I may let me spirit be truly free...
Fresh blood runs down my arms,
The cuts are new, the knife still so sharp.
The anger in my heart gone,
The sorrow in my soul lingers still.
I can not breath
I can barely stand,
And yet here I am smiling,
Telling you all is fine
And you believe me.
Cause you can not see,
And you can not know.
So I watched the Titanic today, and when my sister saw what I was watching she asked me why I was watching such a sad movie. I didn't reply. I thought about what she said, and realized that's not all the Titanic is. It's a beautiful movie about true love. About a love, a passion, a fire that awoke in the hearts of two young lovers. A fire that burned them so deeply they practically spent an entire lifetime together.  While yes, the movie is sad, Jack doesn't make it a long with many others who died. But I don't see it just for the tragedy at the end. I feel this movie brings out the true love we all wish to find and burn with at least once in our lives. I don't know, I guess I just feel when people say they don't watch the Titanic because it makes them cry, I feel...sad and confused. I don't just cry for the many fallen who die, I cry because the true love Rose and Jack shared was a burning passion I desire so deep in my soul, and I know I won't have it. Yes the movie is tragedy but it's also more then that. Its a beautiful story that awakens the passion in me that I so desire.
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